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Mind Matters


…because the mind and mental health, these matter.


…because when one is suffering from depression, there are matters that still need to be attended to. This app allows for a structured way to mind such matters, under the guidance of a mental health professional, to focus on maintain and improving patient progress.




When started work on this mobile application, there were very few apps on the market that could be considered helpful, much less based on actual medical practices, patient needs, or being at all sensitive or empathetic to those who suffer from depression. This gap is where I want MindMatters to exist. Today, self-help apps have become much more popular, with more thoughtful features and visual pleasing interfaces. But they usually shy just short of providing a complete support structure for their users/patients, understandably, because it is a completely different arena when entering medical practice, like being HIPAA compliant


In order to be effective, however, it is essential for those who are suffering from their mental health to seek help from medical professionals. Having a support structure of professionals, family and friends is a great value to any person, but are essential for the survival and improvement of mental health patients.


Below are a selection of slides to better help understand and visualize MindMatters.



mission statement
addressing professionals

competitive analysis



competitive analysis qualitative analysis app focus



persona overview persona: patient 1 persona: patient 2



persona: professional 1 persona: professional 2 user analysis



features matrix features matrix features matrix



sitemap user scenarios: new user scenarios: returning



basic wireframes basic wireframes user evaluation



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