Intended as a graphical basis for further printing projects, including to clothing, packaging, and home decor.


Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, I decided to collect landmarks around Los Angeles that embodied the unique, fun and historic nature of this city.




La CONFIDENTia is a play on the famous movie title, LA Confidential, and Los Angeles’ historical tie to the Spanish language.


At first, I wanted a rough sketch of these locations, to give it a more abstract feel. But my tendency to work with photorealism got the better of me and soon, I was drawing these landmarks with more and more accurate detail. It was also good to work on real paper, with graphite, to draw these landmarks. It was something I had not done in a very long time, due to time constraints.






Once the drawings were complete, I scanned them and started creating patterns, borders, and icons with them. These are some of the mockups.



color palette icons icons



icons icons typography



badges badges borders


patterns poster mockup merchandise mockup



Project type: Assignment



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