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2016 Calendar


I made these calendars because I need a calendar that reflects the actual days in the month. I’m a spacial learner, which means that I learn, memorize, and organize based on where objects are. Without a 7-column calendar with the actual dates being in the boxes where they should be, my brain would be unhappy. Having made these calendars, though, I understand why Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer designed the appointment calendar the way they did; it is the most efficient use of space.

PDFs include:

  • Readme Letter
  • Single-page monthly calendar
  • Two-page monthly calendar (spread)
  • Two-page appointment calendar (spread)

Hope you find this useful! If you have any questions, corrections, or just want to talk about the amazing things you’re working on, drop me a line :)

SELF Journal 2016 Calendar - Sunday start – Begins the week on Sunday, traditional calendar layout

SELF Journal 2016 Calendar - Monday start– Begins the week on Monday


some “A”s for some “Q”s:

Are these calendars free?

Were you paid to make these calendars?

Can I sell these, digitally or physically?
Nope. If you’re from SELF Journal, we should talk! Otherwise, don’t be a jerk.

How did you edit the original PDFs?
I didn’t. I backwards engineered them with InDesign.

Why is all the type the same weight?
Museo 500 is free.

What is the little line on the bottom of each page for?
Page numbers.

Why are there crop marks?
In case you wanted to print/paste these calendars into your SELF Journal, the crop marks tell you where to cut so that it fits within your pre-existing journal.