Advisor Adviser

Advisor Adviser was created to be the adviser to high school advisors (the spellings are interchangeable, though my students seemed to prefer “advisor”). This web browser-based interface was designed to provide structure and infrastructure, and to collect, organize and disseminate information and images, first for the journalism department of high schools, and later to all clubs and organizations on campus.





There are two reasons why I decided to launch with the journalism department on campus. First, the journalism department is the hub of information and news. Between yearbooks (publications, historical records), newspapers (periodicals and web management, immediate coverage) and broadcasting (audio and video records, immediate coverage), there is a need for a simple but robust, secure but versatile infrastructure that can handle the needs of administrators, advisors (teachers), staff (students), and their audience (family, community, etc). Second, with my 7 years as a yearbook advisor, I was already exposed to industry attempts at building these types of infrastructures.


Below are some slides to better help understand and visualize Advisor Adviser.



basic information
addressing professionals
clarification to advisors competitive analysis



persona: new adviser persona: veteran adviser persona: publishing representative



launch: phase 1 launch: tiered sitemap






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