Historical Lecture Posters (Part 2)



These are posters of lectures or a lecture series, given by living designers, about a past influential graphic designer. The instructions for this assignment required that we be historically accurate, use real locations and relevant living designers, possible emulate or give an indication of the influential graphic designer’s style, and to be creative.


Stefan Sagmeister is one of the most recognizable and renowned graphic artist in the world. But even he cannot create his pieces without a small army to help him manipulate or move hundreds to thousands of whatever he needs, from bananas to copper currency.


After choosing Sagmeister as the designer for this assignment, I realized that I too would need to create an installation. I would also need my own army. After scouting a few locations, I was given permission from the Drama teacher to set up my installation, use her Theatre students, and permission to stand on a very, very tall theatre ladder to take the photograph below.





The words “INSTALLATION” were cut and folded from pieces of white card stock. I laid them out, in the form of the word “INSTALLATION” first, and then instructed the students to construct a replica directly below the one I had created. As is typical of Sagmeister’s work, topical shots were taken from the 20+ ft theatre ladder (where I stood…or clung onto, depending on your perception of me at the time), while another student took pictures of the student construction, live, to document progress.







The second piece in the series features a struggle that all graphic designers experience, which is where to work. Sagmeister started his career in a large design firm. I was able to, during the time of the course, travel to the building Sagmeister worked in, located in Hong Kong, China. This is an actual photograph of the outside of that structure.




Project Type: Assignment


Photo credits: myself for main shot of installation poster and photographs of Hong Kong and cafe, Bryan Padilla for ground/action shots

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