Historical Lecture Posters (Part 1)



These are posters of lectures or a lecture series, given by living designers, about a past influential graphic designer. The instructions for this assignment required that we be historically accurate, use real locations and relevant living designers, possible emulate or give an indication of the influential graphic designer’s style, and to be creative.





Edward Johnston


I chose Edward Johnston, first, because I love his work with the London Underground Railroad signage. When researching his background, it became clear that he was more than just a sign maker. Johnston began his education as a medical student, but then chose to go in a completely different arena, that of calligraphy. He applied the work ethic and devotion to precision from his medical background to letter writing. Regarded as the “father of modern calligraphy”, he influenced such designers as 


The Art Workers’ Guild has held exhibitions of Johnston’s work and influence.





Otto Storch


Otto Storch was one of the first designers to make use of the full two-page spread found in magazines.  He was a member of the Art Director’s Club, to which Benjamin Palmer was the president of at the time of the assignment.



Project Type: Assignment


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